Due to the size of this "new" Pleasantview and the likely confusion that could result from putting all things from all areas in one place, I'm sectioning each of the subhoods off as a separate blog. The subhood blogs will appear as they are played.
As different areas will be updated at different times, the best place to find out where the latest happenings are is here.
Every time I update a section I'll pop a quick post here too, directing your good selves to the hood in question. That way you're not looking through ALL the pages just for one little (or not-so-little) post.


    Hi! I'm a Sims 2 Nut (not a lot you can say to that) who enjoys playing both the pre-made families along with those of my own creation. I am British, so my blog is set up to display the date as I would naturally write it. Time-zone is also set accordingly. Sorry if this confuses anyone, but I find it confusing the other way round!


    January 2013