It's the turn of the Caliente sisters this time, and for the record I've never played with them before!
The first thing that catches my attention is the urn on the table in the living area; who on closer inspection is Dina's late husband Michael Bachelor. I'm still not sure why Dina chose to keep him there, but if that makes her "happy"... Onto what actually happened:

"Don? Fancy joining me for the evening?" Nina was on the phone chatting up her best male friend.
"Sure! Though is it okay if I bring my friend along?"
"Yeah, the more the merrier!" Nina had assumed that Don's "friend" would be another man, which was fine by her. So imagine her surprise when Don arrived... with Cassandra Goth in tow.
"Hi Cass..." Although they weren't really friends, Nina greeted her out of courtesy, then followed both of them to the roof garden where the hot-tub and the bar was situated.
Night fell, and Cassandra was preparing to leave when she spotted Nina going over to Don. Horrified, she watched as her husband-to-be accepted a big smacker of a kiss; it was obvious that he preferred Nina's sultry appearance more than her more refined one. Still, she wasn't going to let THAT one rest - with a howl of rage she ran over and slapped Don round the face!
"How DARE you! With that... that SLUT!" Cassandra had never been so angry in her life.
"But... SHE kissed ME!" Don couldn't understand why Cassandra was so upset. He soon found out.
"You could've pushed her away like any normal engaged man! But no, you HAD to accept it, didn't you?" Cassandra stormed out of the house, vowing she'd get back at her fiancee. Whether she was still going to marry him after this incident she hadn't decided yet.
Don however didn't care.
"Thanks for that awesome time," he said in that smarmy manner of his while simultaneously looking at his watch. "Sorry girls, but I've got to work in the morning so must dash. See you soon no doubt." As he left too, Nina sighed. Maybe stealing men was going to be fun.
Dina didn't think much to her sister's antics, but knew that now they were both adults she wouldn't be able to stop her. She'd never managed to as a child after all! Besides, she was another one who needed to get up early.
The next few days passed quietly. Dina managed to get beyond the realms of cereal and macaroni cheese, and by Friday could whip up a decent chef salad. Her skills with the oven weren't quite as good, so there were a number of burnt offerings lying on the breakfast bar from time to time. What a pity Michael paid her a visit that evening!
Luckily, Dina had just put the serving dish down when her late husband jumped out. UN-luckily the fright made her have an accident on the kitchen floor! Nina was in bed, so to save time, Dina stripped off and took a sponge bath right there and then. What the neighbours thought though is anyone's guess! And yes, she DID clean the floor too!
Saturday dawned. Dina had left for work when Nina picked up the phone.
"Don? I really enjoyed our last little encounter. Want to come over again?" she asked in a playful tone. Don jumped at the chance. Little did they know that that visit was going to change their lives.
"Come on baby..." Nina was definitely in charge as she pulled Don into her bedroom. Although her sister had been the married one, she was now the one sleeping in the big double bed. After Michael died Dina hadn't liked the feeling of an empty half, so had gratefully accepted Nina's offer of swapsies.
As the local "Casanova", Don was normally in charge of these exchanges, but this time he submitted to Nina's advances. He hadn't realised how much of a tiger she was in the bedroom! Sure, Cassandra was a nice girl with a stable home (not to mention filthy rich) and yeah, she was passionate in her own way, but Nina? Hot, hot, HOT!
"Wow! You're amazing!" he breathed as they finished with their wild animal impressions two hours later. "Who needs a workout when they're with you?"
Nina growled. "You fancy doing it again sometime, sugar?" she asked. Don nodded.
"Oh, you bet! Say, I gots myself a great bed at my place too; you should come live with me. Then we can make wild passionate love like that every night!"
"I'll think about it." Nina was certainly smitten with Don, and with them both into romance in a BIG way it could be a lot more fun than here with her sister. However, she wasn't 100% sure yet. "Can I tell you tomorrow?"
"Of course." Don was thrilled that she hadn't said no yet. "I sure hope you say yes though." And with that, he left her to consider his offer.
Nina was still thinking about it when she started to feel strange. Or more to the point, sick. Maybe it was those burnt pancakes Dina had made for breakfast? Was it those awful vermin outside that had made her ill? Whatever it was, she found herself hunched over the loo more often than she would've liked. Thank goodness for not working that day!
She was still feeling off at dinnertime.
"Are you trying to poison me sis?" she asked, as another wave of nausea threatened to overtake her. Dina looked puzzled.
"Now why would I do that?"
"I don't know! Maybe YOU want Don for yourself and are trying to clear the way!"
"Oh don't be so silly Nina. Yes, I had an affair with him, but that was all it was - a fling. And you know I'm practically married to my job!" This part was true. Dina had spent the entire week working on getting a promotion. She HAD been looking for a new man, admittedly, but so far all the ones she'd found had been married.

It wasn't long before Nina's mystery illness was explained. Well, explained to most people; Nina was still in denial.
"Dina? What's wrong with me?" Nina knocked on her sister's door at 2am. Dina opened the door. One look told her all she needed to know.
"Sis, you're pregnant." Nina didn't believe her.
"I can't be!" Looking down at the small bump she added, "I'm just really sick... I must be! I was chucking up all the time, and now this!"
"Nina, were you even listening when Mum told us the facts of life? You know, where babies come from and all that?" Nina hadn't been listening at all; she'd been daydreaming about her boyfriend at the time, and whether he loved her as much as she did him. All that talk about icky babies was for those girls who wanted children, not girls like her who liked to play.
"Of course I was!" Dina raised her eyebrows.
"Then you'd know that everything you've been feeling lately is a symptom of pregnancy... you've got a baby growing inside you!"
Nina didn't want to hear this.
"I don't believe you! I'm just sick, that's all! This..." she indicated her growing belly, "...this is simply due to getting fat! I need more exercise! I need to be thin, otherwise no man will want me!" Dina knew she had failed. Her sister would learn the truth soon enough.
The following Sunday night, Nina packed her bags. She hadn't forgotten Don's offer, and she felt she couldn't live with her liar of a sister any more. Would Don welcome her with open arms, or would he be disgusted with her ugly fat body? She didn't care. At least he worked in a hospital, so would be able to help her get over this mystery illness.
Dina knew she would miss her sister's presence around the house, but vowed to find a new housemate, preferably a man. Until then, she'd keep busy earning money any way she could.

So, will Dina find a new man before long? How will Nina cope with a newborn? Will Don let her move in? The answer to the third question is already a "yes", but for the other two we'll have to wait to find out!

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