Not a very long post here, but then not a great deal happened. Well, until the very end of the week!

After his fling with Nina which left Cassandra furious at him, Don Lothario went home for yet another drink. He didn't bother with food, unless you count a can of instant meal food. I swear, that man is an alcoholic!
"ARGH! Vermin!" Don ended up stomping on umpteen cockroaches through the week; Cassandra kept venting her anger by kicking his dustbin over! This didn't really help matters, as all these dirty beasties brought serious bouts of flu with them. Don kept getting ill then recovering, then getting ill again then recovering again. Each bout of vermin = another bout of flu. If it weren't for his manly desire to deal with such stuff himself, the exterminator would've done a roaring trade there!
The repairman would've done well too. Don broke the shower while tinkering with it, and then got soaked a number of times trying to repair it. These did do wonders for his mechanical skills however, and he got promoted mid-week.
The weather was turning colder, but Don made sure the plants got the water they required all the same. No point having them die just as winter was drawing in, was there? They'd only have to be replaced come spring if so.
He was just going to bed on Sunday when the doorbell rang. Opening it, he found Nina Caliente shivering on the doorstep.
"I thought about your offer." she said. "Can I move in?"
"Of course you can!" he said, picking up her suitcase and taking it upstairs. Upon coming back down, he noticed her different (and boring) attire. "What's wrong honey? You don't look so hot."
"I don't know. I feel tired all the time, I'm constantly hungry and I swear I'm getting fat. The only thing I fit into is this awful brown thing; it does nothing for my complexion!"
"Hey, don't worry; a few more nights like that one we had the other night and you'll fit right back into your old stuff!" Secretly Don wasn't sure he liked this Nina as much as the other one, but seeing her so distressed tugged at what little warmth he possessed. "Look, how about you get a good night's sleep and we'll see what we can do in the morning?"
Nina agreed, but didn't feel up to having fun yet. Don let her have his bed, while he slept on the settee. There'd be time to move them both into bed soon.

Will Don break up completely with Cassandra? Will he make a halfway decent father to Nina's baby? Maybe...

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