I'm fully aware that many of you won't be that interested in "random" CAS sims, preferring to hear about the antics of the pre-mades. For those, feel free to ignore these posts and the associated pictures!
Anyone who is interested, then read on!

The Vimto family moved into New Pleasantview after Susan and Lester's son Simon became a child. They wanted a fresh start, and thought that this place may provide it.
The house wasn't particularly exciting - but it had four walls and a roof, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Well, two toilets, one bath/shower combo! Susan and Lester took the largest bedroom, while Simon got the smaller one to the back of the house. The third was currently empty, but it didn't stay that way for long!
Susan's wish was to land a job, as the money the family had wouldn't keep thm going for very long. Before many hours were up she found an open position in the Intelligence career, and headed off to work immediately. Okay, so it wasn't brilliantly paid, but it should hold off bankruptcy!
Although the family were pinching pennies (simoleans) they did invest in one expensive item - a violin. Simon had expressed a wish to learn an instrument, but being so young meant there were few options. Still, he seemed to enjoy making a sound like a strangled cat, at least at first!
It wasn't long before Simon did manage to get a tune out of the violin, and his enthusiasm for music was rocketing! He wasn't allowed to visit on his own yet, but he had been given a membership card to a secret location. He was looking forward to the day when he WOULD be able to go!
The family was also getting larger. Lester and Susan were expecting their second child any time soon. Susan was finding the pregnancy exhausting, so Lester was looking after the cooking and cleaning. What a pity he wasn't any good at it...
It was late at night when Susan went into labour. And when baby Peter came along it was obvious that he'd inherited his dad's coal-black hair. What wasn't so obvious was how he'd look as he grew up - that part the family would just have to wait for.
Simon was growing up fast now. He'd almost maxed out his creativity skills, and his schoolwork was getting better by the day. He spent almost every spare minute on the violin now, and Lester had decided what his son's birthday present was going to be.
But before that happy day, there was more good news. Susan was pregnant again! She wasn't so happy about it though, and was often so tired and irritable that she spurned any advances from her husband.
"No, you CAN'T touch the bump!" was quite a regular sentence heard. She may have wanted a large family, but juggling pregnancy, baby-care and a job wasn't much fun. In fact, she wasn't having ANY fun at all!
Peter grew up into a mischievous toddler, and soon found fun in playing the toy xylophone that Lester had left out on the landing. Simon grew up too, becoming a gangly teenager whose new love was the blue and white guitar his dad had bought him as a birthday present. He'd also found a few simoleans left over to get a cheap stereo. This was loved by everyone - there were numerous occasions when the men of the house would dance together! Yes, that included Peter!
It was late autumn when Susan went into labour again. Simon had brought Angela Pleasant home with him, and the two of them had been cracking jokes to each other when they heard the screams. Racing up the stairs to the bathroom they found the new arrival: a baby girl. Bernadette.
"She's adorable!" Lester loved his new daughter, who even at this early age showed signs of having Susan's brown locks. The question now was whether she'd be as much into music as the rest of the family.
Now that Bernadette was here, Peter wasn't able to sleep in the crib in his parents' bedroom. Instead, they bought a comfortable sleeping mat, which he was able to climb on and off of himself. Having the toys upstairs helped here; he could get up and play without disturbing anyone. It wouldn't be long before he was a child though, then they'd have to scrape together some money for a second bed.
Simon was not only good on the guitar now, he'd also spent a lot of time dancing - so much so that he'd won the Tsang Footwork scholarship for University along with the Art one. He had managed to land the SimCity Scholars grant too, but that would rely on him keeping his grades in the "A" range. As he'd lost interest in his studies this wouldn't be easy!
The next big event was... another pregnancy! Susan was hoping that this would be the final one. As she grew bigger, she started to worry about money and whether or not there'd be enough space for the new arrival. Their house wasn't tiny, but it wasn't huge either!
Shortly before she gave birth, it was Peter's birthday. He was now a child, and celebrated by moving a new bed into his big brother's rather blue room. The plan was to eventually redecorate the third room for Bernadette. For now though, there wasn't enough spare cash!
It was Bernadette's birthday too. She became a toddler, clad in a rather cute blue gingham dress. Her PJs were sweet too, which was a good thing as she spent a fair amount of time in them!
It turned out that she was just as much in love with music as Simon. Peter discovered that he preferred nature, but this never stopped him joining in the "family smustle sessions"! Still, the tradition of teen and toddler dancing together that had started in Peter's babyhood continued with Bernadette regularly joining Simon in the living room. Sometimes their parents would embarrass them too. But then, when one is a teen, just being SEEN with your parents is embarrassing!
As the week drew to a close, Susan went into labour for the fourth (and hopfully final) time. To the family's surprise, she gave birth to twins: Jason and Joshua. Where they were going to sleep once they outgrew the cribs was anyone's guess!
Simon lost the SimCity Scholars grant, but a "B" grade wasn't too bad. He had time to pull it back up before he'd be off to University. He'd also found a job in a music store, and had been told that it was important to study hard if he wished to keep it. Slacking off would mean he'd lose the post, and with it any chance at yet another scholarship! He wanted to buy a drum-kit to accompany the guitar, and they didn't come cheap!

At the end of that rotation, the family is rather bigger than I expected (ACR is responsible for all births except Bernadette's), the house is still looking pretty drab, but all family members are keeping it together.
Will Simon get those scholarships next time? Will the twins grow up well? What will happen with the bed situation? Will Bernadette become as good a dancer as her brother? We'll find out...

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