Now it's the turn of the second CAS family to move in - we have Ivor and Betty Holland, along with their children Hazel and Jennifer. When we enter their new home, Hazel is a child, while Jennifer is a toddler.

As Hazel heads off to school, Jennifer begs Ivor to read to her. Although his first wish was to find a job, he obliges. Betty takes a look in the newspaper to see what vacancies are available. There's nothing particularly exciting!
"Mum, can I bring Beau home?" Hazel asks after getting off the school bus and dropping her homework in the hallway.
"Sure." Betty was busy attempting to get Jennifer walking, as that would take the longest. "But play outside, okay?" Hazel was fine with that, and played tag for ages. Beau wasn't as fast as he appeared, so it was easier than she expected to evade him!
Ivor was the one who made the first meal; macaroni cheese. There was plenty for everyone, and it went down a treat! Afterwards, Betty placed the leftovers (not that there were many) in the fridge and took Jennifer upstairs. Ivor helped Hazel with her homework.
The following day, Ivor found the job he was wanting. A quick call to the employer and he found himself working as a Test Subject. Still, it was the first step to becoming a Mad Scientist!
Betty looked into getting a pet, partly because SHE wanted one, but also because Hazel had expressed an interest. The general consensus was to get a cat, and with a phone call to the Animal Rescue Centre they adopted a tom called Sweets. Maybe a name change would be in order at some stage...
The days flew by, and soon it was Jennifer's birthday. She'd been pretty cute as a toddler, but even as a child she looked nice. It also marked the point of bringing the third bedroom into use; until then the girls had shared the smallest room above the kitchen.
"Hazel, would you prefer to have this room or the other one?" Betty asked, referring to the bedroom she currently slept in.
"The other one."
"That's fine, and you can decorate it however you like!" So she did. But then, so did Jennifer upon growing up. She was a bit of a girl racer, and so had matching furniture (with a Cars bedspread) and decor! Hazel was more mismatched, but didn't mind a bit.
There was one unusual decoration though; even at that age Hazel was a science buff, so had stuck a copy of the Periodic Table on her wall. It certainly wasn't in keeping with the more girly stuff. Betty offered her a framed version, but Hazel said no - maybe have that later on when the old one fell apart.
Now that both girls had desks of their own, there was no excuse for leaving homework at the bottom of the stairs. Aside from anything else, there simply wasn't space! Jennifer needed help with hers to begin with, but before long had grasped the basics just like her sister. Now there was every chance that they'd be getting better grades.
Now that Jennifer was a child, she'd taken on the role of cat trainer. Sweets wasn't exactly clever, but by the end of the week he'd learnt to come when he was called. Well, assuming he wanted to! He'd also been trained to stay off the furniture, and to use the scratching post rather than the table legs. Although the rest of the family had helped with the behaviour modifications, Jennifer had been the one to teach the commands. Sweets was her best friend aside from her relatives.
Ivor had settled in well at his job, and had been promoted not once but twice. He was now a Field Researcher, and had to wear the white lab coat to work. He still found time to fix the bath when it began spewing water everywhere though!
Betty didn't work, but was happy enough looking after the house, the cat and seeing to the cooking. She was getting pretty good at it now. Jennifer too had found she liked cuisine, and spent hours reading cookery books. Hazel was usually found playing about with the telescope, and had been given a membership card to a secret lot. She would be a teenager soon.

So, will Ivor continue to be good at his job? Will Betty max her cooking skill? Will Jennifer train Sweets in everything? How will Hazel fare as a teenager? We will see...

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