This time we enter the home of the Pleasant family, where things aren't really that "pleasant" at all. Daniel is having it off with Kaylynn Langerak (the maid) while his wife Mary-Sue is at work, and the twins Angela and Lilith are permanently at each other's throats. In fact, Lilith seems to be angry at everyone!
The morning we arrive finds Lilith squabbling with Angela before school, which eventually involves the entire family. The twins physically fight, with Angela emerging victorious, just as the school bus pulls up outside. The car-pool for Mary-Sue also arrives, leaving the house empty apart from Daniel. He wants to work on his body skills, so changes into his tracksuit and prepares to get hot and sweaty on the exercise machine.
At 10am Kaylynn arrives, but there isn't much to do. She asks if Dan would like her to hang out, at which he abandons his workout in favour of kissing her, passionately! Will Daniel be able to hide the affair from his wife?
That afternoon, Angela brings Dustin home from school (pre-programmed), leaves her homework in her bedroom and proceeds to make out with him. Lilith is still upset from the morning's fighting, and after dumping her homework on Angela's bedroom floor she decided enough was enough.
"I've had it with this family!" she shouted to anyone who might be listening. "I'm leaving!" Without even stopping to grab her toothbrush she runs down the stairs and out the door, disappearing 100 or so yards down the road.
Mary-Sue feels that although none of the family get on with Lilith, the streets are no place for a daughter of theirs. Immediately she gets on the phone to the Police, begging them to find her.
"We'll do our best Ma'am, but we can't guarantee anything." the officer said on the phone, but they were successful. Within an hour a car pulled up outside, depositing Lilith on the pavement.
"I'm SO sorry sweetie," Daniel said, running out to Lilith. "I know we weren't getting on, but I hadn't realised you felt that bad. Forgive us?" Lilith nodded, although secretly she was still seething. If things didn't improve she may have no choice but to run away again.
"Oh honeyyyy...." came a laviscious voice. Kaylynn had come outside too and was angling for a kiss, possibly more. Daniel, unaware that Mary-Sue had also stepped outside went over to his lover.
"Dad..." Lilith had spotted Mary-Sue, and knew this wasn't going to be good.
"In a minute." Daniel pulled Kaylynn close and started making out with her. Mary-Sue flipped out, as any married Fortune Sim would do! Running straight over to the amorous couple, she slapped Daniel hard around the face, did the same to Kaylynn, then proceeded to fight her husband like the twins had done that morning. A large cloud of dust rose round them for a while, but eventually Daniel emerged victorious, stating that under no circumstances was Mary-Sue to fire their home help!
Lilith ran inside, not wanting to watch; Angela followed suit, but then Dustin whispered something in her ear. Nodding, she took his hand and pulled him into her parents' bedroom.
"Are you sure about this?" Dustin asked, as they relaxed on the bed. Despite his reputation as a bad boy he was a big softie really and didn't want to pressure Angela in any way.
"Of course I'm sure." Angela replied, pulling Dustin towards her and kissing him. "I've wanted to for a while, but I was waiting til YOU were ready too."
This was good enough for Dustin, and well, I think you can guess what happened next! Unfortunately for Angela, she was vaguely aware of what sounded like a lullaby as the two of them climbed out of bed before her parents found out!

After having a rather disturbed night, Angela was feeling decidedly odd on Friday morning. Mary-Sue took pity on her daughter and suggested she take the day off school. Over breakfast, Angela thought it might be best to confess all.
"Mum..." she said between mouthfuls. Mary-Sue looked up.
"What is it?" she asked.
"I made a mistake Mum. I think... I think I might be pregnant."
"Are you sure about this?" Mary-Sue asked. Angela shook her head.
"I just keep feeling sick, but I.. you know... did it. With Dustin. I can't help thinking that it's all related."
Mary-Sue really didn't know what to suggest. Without being sure one way or the other there was no simple course of action. Not to her, anyway.
"Was it just the once?" she asked Angela. Having had problems conceiving the twins she doubted that just one "woohoo" would be enough.
"You've probably just eaten something that didn't agree with you. See how you feel later on." Angela wasn't convinced, but agreed.
Sadly, Angela was proved right when she began showing a bump. Having left it too late to get the Morning After Pill, Mary-Sue decided on a new course of action.
"Listen, a baby will ruin your chances of getting a higher education. No point you wasting your good grades and that scholarship." she said. "I've got a plan. I'll pretend to be pregnant and Daniel and I will raise your baby as your brother or sister. That way the neighbours won't find out and you can go to college, get your degree and start your adult life unencumbered."
"But how am I meant to hide it?" Angela knew that going to school as she was would give the whole game away, not to mention the folks next door spotting her.
"Simple. You're to stay inside the house until the baby's born. We'll tell everyone you're not well and should be left undisturbed." Angela wasn't sure this was going to work, but knew her mother was right. A baby WOULD wreck her dreams of college and she'd have to work harder for a decent wage later in life. She agreed.

That afternoon, Lilith felt in need of some loving. Despite her terrible home life, she'd decided that her best chance of escape was to go to college, but for that she'd need better grades. Taking her courage in both hands, she went downstairs and approached Daniel for help with her homework. He was more interested in the TV and told her to go away. With a sinking feeling, Lilith trudged back upstairs knowing she was going to struggle.
Once she'd completed what she could, she made the decision to get the one person she could rely on over. Picking up the phone, she made a booty call to her boyfriend Dirk.
Thankfully, unlike her twin, Lilith DIDN'T hear anything upon finishing. Her sister might be allowed to remain at home while pregnant, but she knew that if she'd done the same she'd have been kicked out. Mum might ring the police for running away, but anything worse? Fat chance!
Saturday was a day of insults, shoves and general unpleasantness (pun not intended). The only quiet time was over breakfast, when Lilith mentioned that she'd done it too. Angela was a touch jealous; how could her sister escape the dreaded "P" when she hadn't? Mary-Sue was a bit non-plussed, but didn't comment. After all, why should she? She was staying home from work deliberately, pretending she was on maternity leave.

"Owww-owwww-owwww!" Angela hadn't long gone to bed on Sunday when the contractions kicked in, waking her up. "MUUUUUUUUM! It's starting!" Unfortunately Mary-Sue didn't hear her. The lounge was downstairs through two closed doors and the TV was yet again turned on loud. Lilith wasn't on hand either, having also gone to bed and was dead to the world.
Despite her lack of support, Angela seemed to cope remarkably well, delivering a healthy baby girl whom she named Coralie, after her maternal grandmother. Now she had to hand the child over to her parents, and forever refer to her as her baby sister.
"Congratulations." Mary-Sue said in a cold tone as Angela appeared downstairs with Coralie in her arms. "Now give her to me and go back to bed." Angela did so, but as she turned to leave Mary-Sue spoke again.
"And by the way, you're not to have any contact with her from here on in. I'm not having you bonding with her in any way."
Angela was stunned. She'd known she'd be handing Coralie over, but she hadn't expected this.
"But..." she started to say.
"But nothing." Mary-Sue interrupted. "You may have given birth to her, but from now on you're just her big sister who'll be going to college soon. I'm assuming you still WANT to go to college?" Angela nodded miserably. "Then go back to bed. You've got school in the morning, and I want to see you studying. Those grades won't stay up by themselves. You won't have time to look after Coralie so you leave her to me and your Dad. OK?"
Angela nodded again, and returned to her bedroom. No contact with her own child? Not even as a sister? She'd thought her Mum was being nice to her but now she wasn't so sure. For the first time in her life she had some sympathy for her twin, who'd never seen eye-to-eye with her mother.

So, at the end of a scandalous first week, what's next in store for this flimsy facade of a family? Will Daniel and Mary-Sue reconcile their differences? Will Angela be able to give Coralie up completely and go through college? Will Lilith get her grades high enough in time to go? Even I don't know at the moment!
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:O Angela had a baby! That's so intense since she's the over-achiever and all. I want to know what's going to happen with Kaylynn!


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