Well, I had to start somewhere, and where better than with the Broke family; the first family I ever played when I installed Sims 2.
As I enter the house, the pre-programmed scenario starts and I've got a pregnant unemployed Brandi, teen Dustin who's more interested in his girlfriend than his schoolwork, and little Beau who won't stop playing with his xylophone.
Simple enough? Yeah... it WAS! A quick hop back to Old Pleasantview (PV) reminded me of what I wanted to do and off we went.
Between naps, toddler Beau managed to learn to walk, and was potty-trained pretty quickly. Dustin's part-time job kept the bills paid and with Brandi growing bigger by the day it was a good thing too!
Dustin wasn't going to be let off the hook so easily, though. Brandi knew that for him to keep his job (and hence the only source of income) he needed to pull his socks up a bit. Despite being permanently tired from being pregnant and running round after Beau all day she still managed to find a spare hour to help him with his homework.
Beau was (and still is) a happy kid, and grew up to a child after two days, leaving the crib for the new arrival. Brandi scraped together some of her savings to purchase a bed for her son, which was wedged into Dustin's room. The pinball machine had to be moved into the hallway. What Dustin thought of sharing his bedroom with his little brother was never recorded, but as he plans to move out soon he'll live with it for now.
Thursday night was hell. No two ways around it. Brandi, desperate for some adult company while Dustin was working, had invited Darren Dreamer to her house for coffee. However, her body had other ideas. Yes, she went into labour that night, a few hours after Dustin got home.
"I thought I was only carrying one!" she wailed, after giving birth to baby Oran and handing him to Dustin. "There's another one coming!"
A few moments later, baby Debbie came along. Brandi placed her on the floor and looked up at her eldest son with tears in her eyes. Surely she wasn't having TRIPLETS?
Sure enough, the next thing she knew was the birth of her fourth son, Webster. But she hadn't finished yet. A fourth child was coming! After what seemed like forever, little Alice joined the gang.
"Quads?? Holy Macaroni! You one fertile lady!" Darren had known Brandi was pregnant (the bump kinda gave it away) but he didn't think for one moment that she'd been carrying that many. Come to think of it, neither did I! 3% chance of quads and it happens just like that? My game seems to defy those odds!
With four babies and only enough spare cash for two cribs, Brandi had to make the decision to leave two on the floor. Somehow it ended up being the girls who got left. This wasn't Brandi's choice - it was the fact that unless Oran and Webster were moved no one could get into the bathroom! Unfortunately though, Alice and Debbie kept disturbing each other on the floor, and in desperation Brandi sold Dustin's pinball machine. Sorry Dustin, your sisters need a bed!
By the end of the week, the chaos had increased, due to all four babies turning into toddlers. Both Dustin and Beau had discovered the delights of the little stereo; Brandi joining the smustle on occasion. Dustin's grades had improved, and he was now thinking about going to college. Beau had also learnt to study, but due to only going to school for half the week he hadn't yet managed an A.
Brandi was barely coping just keeping the quads happy, clean and fed. Potty-training occcured only when she had the chance, and the other skills hadn't even been considered. Maybe next week will have a more positive outlook...
7/24/2010 01:07:15 am

I like the idea of Brandi with quads, but I think she needs a man to be able to help with all of them.. and I don't mean Dustin.. Are you planning on pairing her up with someone? OH and what are the quads names? I know there was Webster and Alice, but the other two?

7/24/2010 11:31:12 pm

In answer to your question, yes - I haven't updated as far as the Dreamer house yet but Brandi (like in my original PV) is going to be married to Darren Dreamer.
The quads are (in age order):
Oran, Debbie, Webster and Alice.


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