After spending some time away from their family, Coral and Herb Oldie moved into a little house round the corner from the Calientes. It wasn't much to look at, but the addition of a comfy settee and a new bed went a long way towards making them feel at home. Herb wasted no time in making sure the fridge was filled too!
Before long, the doorbell went. The neighbours had come to say hello: Brandi Broke, Dina Caliente and Florence Delarosa. They all seemed nice enough, so Herb invited them in and started playing host by making drinks and his piece de resistance, lunch meat sandwiches! His cooking skills weren't the best, but he was a dab hand with a bread knife!
"Say, these aren't bad." Brandi commented after taking a bite of her sandwich and sitting down next to Herb. "Although you should really try grilled cheese; now THAT'S a flavour to contend with!"
Herb hadn't heard of this new delicacy, but resolved to try it some day. The talk soon turned to their respective families, whereupon Brandi told him of her new additions and how Beau had started school. Herb mentioned his granddaughters and how they were looking forward to college soon.
Night fell, and Florence started behaving like a child - catching fireflies and leaving the jars all over the kitchen. Coral loved the little glow-bugs as much as anyone, but felt they should be free, not cooped up. After their guests went, she spent some time releasing the insects from their glass prisons before going to bed.
The two of them settled in more as the week passed. With their modest savings they bought a bass for Coral and a telescope for Herb. Coral sounded terrible playing at first, but she gradually got better. After a while she tired of the sound she was making, and traded it in for a guitar. Now she was groovin'! She'd even play in her nightie!
Herb enjoyed the bit of stargazing, but with the colder weather coming he started using the telescope in another way. Coral had to tell him off more than once for spying on the neighbours! But then, Herb was often shocked by what he saw!
As Sunday draw to a close, the two of them reflected on their lives. They were happy in Pleasantview, back in contact with their adopted daughter and had forged a decent relationship with their granddaughters. Herb was now Lilith's best friend after Dirk, which for her was a good thing. Even if she didn't tell him everything, she needed a family member who definitely liked her. And they still didn't know about the new arrival!

Will Mary-Sue ever tell her adoptive parents about the new baby? Will Coral become a true Groovy Granny? Will Herb get his comeuppence for being a Peeping Tom? Stay tuned...

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